Mapping the green transition

Empowering change-makers to make better and faster decisions to foster the Green Transition


Geo-Intelligence to foster the Green Shift

Our geo-intelligence tools enhance your capacity to analyze and interpret data to find ideal sites where is possible to take advantage of renewable energy infrastructure.

We aggregate large volumes of complex data such as: energy, industry, and land-use into a map that includes a series of spatial tools that are very easy to use to facilitate decision-making.

With SurplusMap you will find the ideal site to co-locate near renewable energy sources and take advantage of cheaper renewable energy, reducing your environmental impact and creating green economic development for the local community.


Ideal Co-location opportunity

New Green Energy Industries

New Green Opportunities

Data centers in Norway

Data Centers

Green Hydrogen in Norway

Green Hydrogen

Renewable energy intensive industry in Norway


Renewabl Energy storage in Norway


Microgrids in Norway



Fostering the Energy Transition 

SurplusMap helps bridging information asymmetries between stakeholders to create win-win scenarios, fostering the emerging renewable energy economy.

We help municipalities, utilities, and other energy companies to map potential co-location opportunities and attract green investments.

Companies such as Data-centers, Green Hydrogen, Green Amonnia, Farming, and other energy-intensive industries can find the ideal co-location opportunity in SurPlusMap and initiate contact directly with the energy asset owner.

SurPlusMap provides the parties with a communication platform where they can have a very easy-to-manage digital process that will reduce complexity, saving time and money for all the parties involved.

Fostering the green shift

01 / All data in one place
02 / Easier negotiations
03 / Faster decisions

Start with our mapping library of market data and augment it with your own business intelligence to

enable a powerful, customized site search.

In our map, you can find and visualize grid connectivity, land-usage, access to water and infrastructure, distance to urban centers, and more.

Spatially evaluate and iterate in real-time to find the best options, together with key stakeholders.

You can easily find site-specific advantages according to your needs and preferences.

Increase your opportunities by directly engaging with relevant players using an interactive map.


Quickly acquire new information and communicate securely with decision-makers in the energy ecosystem to kickstart your project.


About SurplusMap


SurplusMap was formed in 2020 in response to the challenge that renewable energy companies in Norway face: how to reduce the curtailment of renewable energy.


Our vision is to use deep-tech elements combined with stellar UX to help decision-makers make better and faster decisions to foster the green shift.


We combine the power of cloud computing, earth observation technology & AI, with UX design to create the ultimate no-code geo-intelligence platform for the green shift.


Meet The Team


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